Paz. Tem 21st, 2024

Only 40,000 Norwegians have so far bought tickets to the blockbuster “Killers of the Flower Moon” since its premiere. Film & Kino is now hoping for better times in the cinema industry, writes

I think it’s a bit expensive. Going to the cinema is something I do less often. So I wish the price went down a bit. That’s what Gabriel Ebbesen says, one of the people NRK met at the University of Oslo on Wednesday. New figures show that cinema visits in the country have fallen in the last month. “Unfortunately, in October there was a 20 percent drop in visitor numbers at Norwegian cinemas compared to the same period last year,” says managing director Espen Pedersen of the industry organization Film & Kino to NRK.

Thelma Tilley Sandaker and Kristine Refstie single out one of this summer’s blockbusters, “Barbie”, as the last good film they saw at the cinema. – It was a film I wanted to see. Certain films are also much more fun to watch in the cinema, says Sandaker.

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