Paz. Haz 23rd, 2024

The battle for the Black Sea is going to be historic, says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The president is sure that Ukraine will emerge victorious from the war, and especially in the Black Sea region, although he describes the situation on the front as difficult at the moment.

The modern world is set up so that it is used to achieving victory far too quickly. When the aggression started in full force, many people around the world thought that Ukraine would not be able to hold out, says Zelenskyj in his daily video speech.

In the meantime, the enormous achievements of our people and all our soldiers are simply taken for granted, he continues.

Ukraine’s success in the battle for the Black Sea is going to be historic, even if it is not something that is discussed much at the moment, says the president. Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. Ukrainian forces are attempting to liberate all areas occupied by Russian forces, as well as the Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014. But fighting along the front lines is difficult, especially in the east near the town of Avdijivka in Donetsk.

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