Paz. Tem 21st, 2024

From Wednesday evening, heavy snowfall is expected in the mountains in southern Norway, with strong winds and periods of snow. This particularly applies to the west side of the mountain, south of Finse. The storm can lead to snow on the roads, queue driving and closed roads.

Early in the day on Thursday, the weather will change to less wind and snow drifts. While there is snow in the mountains, snow is also expected in the lowlands. State meteorologist at NRK, John Smits, also works in the Meteorological Institute at Blindern in Oslo. Norway is too far away to be affected by the heat wave that is now taking place further south in Europe, he says.

John Smits says that there will be a lot of snow in southeast Norway during the day. – There will be snow in many places in southeast Norway, which in turn can lead to challenging driving conditions later in the afternoon, he says. In addition, difficult driving conditions are expected due to ice in parts of Agder, Hordaland and Rogaland. Read the whole article in