Paz. Haz 23rd, 2024

Retired nurse will stop taking shifts if her pay goes down with the new law. Now she can be heard.

The nurse has worked in the healthcare system for 40 years and now has a 19.9 percent position. That’s how much she can work without being drawn into a pension. During the pandemic, it became clear how important retired health personnel were to get the wheels turning. Now several are threatening to quit because of a bill from the government, which means that wages will be significantly reduced.

Marit Waag is a specialist nurse and earns NOK 584 an hour on a late shift at the weekend. On Christmas Day, she can earn NOK 820 an hour. With a pensioner’s salary of NOK 233 an hour, it will not be very lucrative to take shifts. – It is uninteresting. Then I just stop. They call it senior salary, I call it half price nurse, says Waag. She receives an evening supplement on top of her pensioner’s salary, but she still thinks it is too little.

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