Cts. Eyl 23rd, 2023

Our target group is the minority population associated with these languages in Oslo. Our broadcasts are about a lot of strange things and our language departments are responsible for the content themselves. We follow Norwegian laws and regulations for what the content may entail. As an organisation, we try to work for integration and mutual understanding of our different cultures and the Norwegian one.

Inter fm news is part of Radio Inter FM 105.5. Radio Inter has existed since 1985 and has had broadcasts in several different languages over the years. The organization is run on a voluntary basis where all employees and broadcasts are created and carried out by volunteers only. As of today, Radio Inter FM broadcasts in Turkish, Azerbaijani, Tenthaus (Norwegian/English), Tigray/Tigrigna.
Previous broadcasts: Albanian, Afghan, Persian, Bosnian, Filipino, and Tamil. We also had Urdu youth broadcasts Abniavaz by Qadeer which was later taken over by “PUF”.