Cts. Eyl 23rd, 2023

The theme for this year’s cultural heritage days is “Living Cultural Heritage” and focuses on the knowledge and craftsmanship required to safeguard our cultural heritage and the many cultural heritage around the country.

Organiser: Oslo Maritime Cultural Conservation Centre
Location: Akershusstranda
Time: 2 and 3 September
The event facilitates a large number of voluntary, public and private cultural preservation organizations to present themselves with demonstrations of craft traditions, maintenance and restoration, collection, preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage, vessels on land and in the water, music from the post-war era, lectures on cultural heritage, conservation and use, crafts such as wooden boat building, the Castle’s car park, art history, etc.

There are international features, such as a Japanese drum orchestra, an international fashion show, etc.

Organiser: Enerhaugen, Greenland and Tøyen Historielag
Location: Tøyen Torg Oslo
Time: 9 September
The youngest children are invited to participate in “old-fashioned” games. The young people are shown around the photo exhibition at Deichman and invited to take part in a simple quiz with questions related to the photo exhibition. Afterwards, answers are checked, and book prizes are drawn among those who have the correct answers.

The photo exhibition shows photos from the area in the old days as well as photos from the previous exhibition “Young at Enerhaugen”.

Organiser: ICDO
Location: Motzfeldtsgate 18, 0187 Oslo
Time: September 9 and 10
Local craftsmen show off their knowledge of African crafts, so that they can share their knowledge and show off the different techniques. We want these events to be a support for the local population and their interest in each other’s culture and crafts, and thus give them the opportunity to link this to their local environment.

Organiser: The Gambian Association in Oslo
Location: Forandringshuset, Grønlandsleiret 41, Oslo
Time: 09 September at 12.00 – 17.00
The target group for this initiative is young girls and adult women. Girls and women have a central position in African culture and their beauty is also expressed through their appearance.

Organizer: ACS
Location: Holmlia, Oslo
Time: 01 to 03 September
Traditional music group from Algeria. Concerts for our children and young people in the Eras festival. Course on music and dance for children and young people aged 12 to 26.
Open to all. So that young people understand their own culture and others can learn about other people’s cultures.

Organiser: Greenland parents and children group
Location: Gamle Munch Museum
Time: 02 September
Old OSLO cultural memory days are an open and free event for everyone, they are organized by several international cultural groups of the population with different backgrounds with music, dance and food sales.