Çar. Eyl 27th, 2023

South Korean media wrote that Kim Jong-un started his train journey to meet with Putin. The Kremlin confirmed Kim’s trip.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un started his train journey to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The South Korean press announced the news to the public, citing unnamed senior government sources. Kim’s trip was also confirmed by the Kremlin.

In the statement made by the Kremlin, it was stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will pay an official visit to Russia in the coming days. In its statement, the Kremlin said, “President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un will pay an official visit to Russia in the coming days upon the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.” It was reported that Putin will be in the eastern city of Vladivostok to attend the Eastern Economic Forum, which opened yesterday.


North Korea is one of the countries that declared open support for Russia in the Russia-Ukraine war. In a statement he made last week, Putin pledged to “combine efforts and expand bilateral relations in all aspects in a planned manner” with North Korea.

Kim last met with Putin in Vladivostok in 2019. The meeting in question came after the nuclear disarmament talks with then-US President Donald Trump failed. South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper wrote that Kim left the capital Pyongyang for the second summit with Putin on Sunday, September 10, and that he is expected to meet with Putin on Tuesday, September 12 at the earliest. In its news on the subject, YTN channel stated that the special train took Kim to Russia over the border in the north-east of North Korea and that the summit will most likely be tomorrow. The Japanese press reported that security was increased at the train station in Russia’s border city Kazan.


Making a statement regarding the Kim-Putin meeting, the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that they were monitoring the developments, but refrained from giving details.

The USA stated that it would be a “big mistake” for North Korea to supply weapons to Russia for use in Ukraine and warned Pyongyang that it would “pay a price” in such a case. The United States claims that negotiations are ongoing to transfer more weapons from North Korea to Russia. (FOREIGN NEWS)