Çar. Eyl 27th, 2023

Speaking at the “G77+China summit” held in Cuba, Cuban President Canel stated that despite the significant scientific-technical development, the world has gone back 30 years in poverty.

The “G77+China” summit was held in Cuba with the participation of many heads of state from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Cuban President Canel stated that despite significant scientific-technical development, the world has gone back 30 years in poverty.

Welcoming the heads of state and delegations arriving in the capital Havana, Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel made the opening speech of the summit. In his speech to the member countries, Canel called for the joint elimination of obstacles that prevent access to information and technology and remain insensitive to the people’s desire for peace and prosperity. Canel emphasized that rich countries maintain their privileged status in the current economic order, and stated that a significant part of humanity is condemned to underdevelopment. Stating that despite the significant scientific and technical development, the world has gone back 30 years in poverty, Canel said, “There is a famine not seen since 2005, more than 84 million children are deprived of school, and more than 600 million people are illiterate.”

Stating that investments remain limited despite health, food and environmental research in southern countries, Canel said, “We have seen strikingly the cost of excluding the south during the Covid-19 epidemic. “While there were only 24 powder vaccines per 100 people, this amounted to almost 150 doses in rich countries,” he said.


Referring to the importance of the G77+China summit for the construction of a new world order and financial system, Canel said, “G77+China represents 134 countries today, which corresponds to two-thirds of the countries that make up the UN, 50 percent of the world’s population and GDP.” We cover 50 percent of. “With solidarity and cooperation, we can achieve good results because we are more and more diverse,” he said. Noting that the North has always manipulated the world according to its own interests, Canel said that the rules of the game must now change. Canel thanked Chinese President Xi Jinping for his contributions to global development and criticized the US’s years-long economic and political blockade of his country. In addition to many heads of state, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also attended the opening of the summit. AA