Çar. Eyl 27th, 2023

Commemoration events are being held in England on the first anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth, who died on September 8 last year.

On the first anniversary of the Queen’s death, King Charles III, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and government officials made a statement.

“On the year of the Queen’s death and my first accession to the throne, we look back on her long life, her dedication to service and what she meant to us all,” King Charles said.

Prime Minister Sunak also pointed out the importance of Queen Elizabeth’s commitment and services to the country and the members of the Commonwealth.

“Our gratitude for a life spent with such extraordinary devotion and service increases day by day,” said Sunak, adding that he was impressed by the Queen’s intelligence, warmth and closeness during his meetings with the Queen during his time as Minister of Finance.